Welcome to the website of CableAid.

Manufacturers of wire and cable encounter number of problems during extrusion process.

Vin Industries specially designed CableAid for wire and cable industry. It resolve almost every major problem occur during manufacturing process.

There are 3 grades of CableAid according to the polymers. These are listed below.

CableAid  has been designed to retain the original properties of the polymer. With a little dosage of CableAid, you can avail the following benefits like:
  • Increased elongation and tensile strength
  • Reduced cracking in cables
  • Better surface finish
  • Improved gloss
  • Increased line speed (output)

Plastic recycling is increasingly finding wider acceptance. However, as the quality of the material being recycled can not always be guaranteed, there are deterioration in properties after the material is exposed to repeated heat.

Generally, when the recycled material is used, there is poor surface finish and lack of tensile strength and elongation. Also there are other mechanical properties which lack in the end product due to which the cables start cracking.